Character information

All the statistics of each character are here.

Power Points

The power points are individual to each character, these increase as you progress through the game. With each improvement of the statistics an increase in them will be reflected.


In this ranking the true legends of the continent appear, manage to be among the 10 best to get even stronger


Each of the 5 races contain a first class change at level 20 depending on whether you choose to be a mage or a warrior and after that a second change at level 40 that will define your profession along the path of your adventure forever. You can also raise your powers to the maximum at level 76 by achieving your third class change.

Humans are a race of great diversity and potential. They have forged their own destiny and now stand out among all the races on the continent. This class is characterized by being one of the most balanced races, since they do not have the best or the worst characteristics, which gives them a certain advantage over their opponents.

• Human Fighter: This Human learns basic dagger, bow, and sword/mace skills. He can advance his profession by choosing between:

• Human Knight(20): This defense-focused Human has mastery of heavy armor, shield, and one-handed sword/mace. He is able to drain life from his enemy and also heal himself. He can stun with his shield, rendering his enemy unable to perform any actions for a short period. He can advance his profession by choosing between:

• Paladin (40): This Human focuses on defending his party, causing enemies to attack him. He is a specialist in fighting undead (undead) and can heal himself and others. He can immobilize his enemies for a short period thus preventing them from running away. Advance to:

• Phoenix Knight (76): This Human fights to protect his companions rather than to kill the enemy, he is even able to resurrect himself with his "soul of phoenix" ability.

• Dark Avenger (40): This Human focuses on defending his group, causing enemies to attack him. He is able to summon a dark panther to aid him in combat. He continues to develop the draw, and other offensive skills. He can reflect some of the physical damage dealt to him in melee. He can immobilize his enemies for a short period thus preventing them from running away. Advance to:

• Hell Knight (76): This Human directs his fury at his enemy, devoting himself more to killing than protecting.

• Warrior (20): This human wears heavy armor and has skill in spear, sword and mace with which he can stun. He can advance his profession by choosing between:

• Warlord (40): This Human improves his abilities with a spear, thus being able to damage several enemies at the same time with it. He is the only one capable of stunning (stun) in an area (several enemies at the same time, if they are close to each other and have a spear). He can detect the weak point of various types of monsters. Advance to:

• Dreadnought(76): This Human thrives in combat against multiple enemies.

• Gladiator(40): This Human is a specialist in the use of dual swords and can stun using mace-type weapons. He can detect the weak point of various types of monsters. Advance to:

• Duelist (76): This Human is the most powerful warrior, since with his Sonic Storm skill he can damage several at once, his most powerful skill is Triple Sonic Slash. He has achieved perfect dual swordsmanship.

• Rogue(20): This Human is a skilled fighter dedicated to the use of the dagger and the bow. He wears light clothing, but deals high damage. He can advance his profession by choosing between:

• Treasure Hunter (40): This Human is a specialist in stabbing his enemies, killing them in a very short time, he is the Human Fighter who does the most damage. He can move stealthily so that aggressive enemies do not notice his presence, play dead and deceive his opponents by 'trick' (ability that causes the enemy to lose sight of the target he had set). Advance to:

• Adventurer(76): These Humans can pinpoint and take advantage of their enemies' weaknesses with pinpoint accuracy.

• Hawkeye(40): This human archer with moderate defense has the best stamina and the worst speed. He can stun using his bow and raise his P.Attack and Critical through the Snipe skill. Advance to:

• Sagittarius (76): This Human archer has perfected his skills, becoming a dangerous enemy for characters with low physical defense.

• Human Mystic: This Human wears low defense clothing, learns basic offensive, support and recovery magic. He can advance his profession by choosing between:

• Human Wizard(20): This Human who uses offensive magic. His magic casting speed is higher than Dark Elves, but lower than Elves, and his damage is higher than Elves and lower than Dark Elves. He can advance his profession by choosing between:

• Sorcerer / ss (40): This human has offensive magic, his main element is fire, and he has numerous magic in area (which do damage to multiple enemies). Advance to:

• Archmage(76): This Human has perfected his mastery of the elements, and has a great destructive capacity.

• Necromancer (40): This Human uses black magic for his goals, be it cursing his enemies, summoning undead from corpses, paralyzing, poisoning, etc. Advance to:

• Soultaker(76): This Human has perfected his mastery of black magic related to death, and has a great destructive capacity.

• Warlock(40): This Human has the ability to summon magic cubes and animals to aid him in combat. He is able to cause the summoning of an enemy to betray his master. Advance to:

• Arcana Lord (76): This Human has honed his mastery of power that leads him down the path of summoning.

• Cleric (20): This Human uses support and recovery magic on his allies, and magic against undead. He can advance his profession by choosing between:

• Bishop (40): This Human is by far the best healer of all, but his support magic is inferior to Prophet, Shillien Elder, Elven Elder, Warcryer, Overlord. He possesses the best resurrection, even being able to mass resurrect multiple members of his alliance at once. He is able to deal considerable damage to undead using divine power, and put his opponents to sleep very quickly. He can hurt his opponents' mana and send his opponents' summons to another dimension. Advance to:

• Cardinal (76): This Human has honed his mastery of recovery magic, and possesses great constructive magic.

• Prophet (40): This Human uses high level support spells, he is the best buffer, but his healing is lower than that of Bishop, Shillien Elder, Elven elder. He has mastery in all types of armor, and more health than all mystics except orcs, making him capable of melee combat. He can pin his enemies to the ground, thus impeding his movement. He is able to hurt his enemies' mana, send his enemies' summons to another dimension, and quickly teleport to the nearest city with great speed. Advance to:

• Hierophant (76): This Human has perfected his philosophy, becoming a great possessor of constructive magic.


The Elves are the race of nature, they worship the goddess of water, Eve. They are characterized by having slim and agile bodies, long ears and beautiful faces, they are extremely fast in both attacks and spell casting, they can hold their breath longer underwater, and they can jump from higher places without taking much damage. However, they are of lower strength compared to other races.

• Elven Fighter: All Elven Fighters can slow down enemies, heal their wounds, poison and bleed. They learn basic dagger, bow, sword/mace skills. You can advance your profession by choosing between:

• Elven Knight(20): This defense-focused elf masters heavy armor, shield, and one-handed sword/mace. He can advance his profession by choosing between:

• Temple Knight (40): This Elf is specialized in defending his group, causing enemies to attack him. He has the ability to summon three different types of cubes. He achieves higher defense than human tanks, has a better build than the Dark Elf, and is the character with the most shield blocks. This is offset by his few aggressive skills. He can immobilize his enemies for a short period thus preventing them from running away.

• Eva's Templar (76): The Eva's Templar achieves the improvement of the defensive capacity, having few aggressive abilities, it is compensated with the ability to reflect Curses (curses) and obtain more defense and movement.

• Swordsinger (40): This Elf sings to inspire, as his chants increase defensive stats mostly for a few minutes. He can immobilize his enemies for a short period thus preventing them from running away.

• Sword Muse (76): His last profession, he learns to raise energy and skills with his beautiful voice, which makes him a great support in battles; chants specialize in defense and skill reuse.

• Elven Scout (20): This Elf is a specialist in dagger and bow, uses light armor, moderate defense. He can advance his profession by choosing between:

• Plains Walker(40): This Elf, who wears light clothing, of medium defense, is the dagger with a higher attack speed and greater probability of success in the stabs compared to the Dark Elf or the Human, but with a lower strength . He knows how to fake his death as well as move around without his presence being noticed. He is the character with the best evasion (ability to dodge physical attacks).

• Wind Rider(76): Like the Adventure, this character is mastered in the use of daggers, and with the skill in basic status they make him a fearsome enemy, having great capacity in assassination; to balance this ability he has few CON points.

• Silver Ranger (40): This archer has the best accuracy, attack speed, and critical hit chance, though he deals less damage than the other archers. He can stun using his bow.

• Moonlight Sentinel (76): This archer achieves great capacity in the attack with range skills, has great speed when running and excellent precision, to his disadvantage he has little physical power (STR)

• Elven Mystic: This Elf wears low defense clothing and has the best speed when doing magic. He learns basic offensive, support and recovery magic. He can advance his profession by choosing between:

• Elven Wizard (20): This Elf specialist in harmful magic. He can advance his profession by choosing between:

• Spellsinger (40): This Elf uses water as his attack element. Unlike the other nukers, this mage's main spells cannot be blocked by the shield. He possesses the best attack speed of the mages, but the lowest damage output.

• Mystic Muse(76): The Mystic Muse achieves total mastery of the water element, causing great damage to his enemies and having great casting speed. She has great destructive abilities.

• Elemental Summoner(40): This Elf can summon cubes and unicorns to assist him in combat. She is capable of causing an enemy's summon to betray his master.

• Elemental Master (76): He Masters magic power in its entirety, based on his minion or summons, and has great area damage power.

• Elven Oracle (20): This Elf specializes in support and recovery magic. She can advance to:

• Elven Elder (40): This Elf has support magic for his group and is the best healer and reviver after the Bishop. He possesses offensive divine magic that can be used against the undead, and can quickly put opponents to sleep. He is able to send enemy summons to another dimension and teleport his entire group to the nearest city with extreme speed.

• Eva's Saint (76): This profession perfects its healing power without surpassing that of the cardinal, it is capable of draining mana from enemies with great speed and becomes the perfect assistant for nuker-type magicians, giving the power of ancient sorcerers with the Prophecy of Water.

Dark Elf

The Dark Elves were elves, but they decided to learn dark magic to face the light elves, thus separating themselves from them.

• Dark Elf Fighter: Dark Elf Fighters have the best strength and the worst constitution, so they excel at damage and lack stamina. They can drain health, lower physical attack or physical defense, slow through ice, poison and bleed their opponents. The Dark Elf Fighter learns basic dagger, bow, and sword/mace skills. He can advance his profession by choosing between:

• Palus Knight(20): This defense-focused Dark Elf masters heavy armor, shield, and one-handed sword/mace. He can advance his profession by choosing between:

• Shillien Knight (40): This Dark Elf focuses on defending the group from him, causing enemies to attack him. He possesses mastery of one-handed swordsmanship and heavy armor. He can summon three different types of cubes to aid him in combat, immobilize his enemies for a short period thus preventing them from fleeing, and completely paralyze them with lightning.

• Shillien Templar (76): The Shillien Templar has perfected his combat form, although it is based on defense, it can also cause serious damage to its enemies, it has the ability to reflect very strong attacks, to become more resistant for a certain time and capable of summoning a new cube that aids him in combat.

• Bladedancer(40): The Bladedancer, formerly called the Dark Gladiator, primarily uses dual blades to increase power through blade dances. He dances increasing his Physical Damage, Critical Damage, Attack Speed, his Accuracy, Magic Cast Speed, Magic Damage.

• Spectral Dancer (76): After much practice, the Elf learns to do deadly dances, thus increasing magical critical attacks, the use of the Shadow dance.

• Assassin(20): Dark Elves who prefer to use bows or daggers become Assassins. They are stealthy warriors who use bows or daggers and light armor to move more easily. The gameplay is similar to that of the Rogue. Compared to Rogues, Assassins have superior attack and also access to magic and abilities focused on causing or increasing damage to their enemies.

• Abyss Walker(40): These Dark Elves are capable of dealing the most physical damage, with their deadly stab wounds. He can confuse his opponents by making them lose sight of their target and sneak around unseen. His Third Change of Profession is:

• Ghost Hunter (76): It is the third profession of the Dark Elf Dagger, his attacks are improved and he can inflict a strong blow with a new Blow, he can stun his enemies, and increase the chance of Blow.

• Phantom Ranger(40): This Dark Elf is a specialist in bow combat and dark techniques related to it, as an ability that allows him to do more damage to his enemy the worse his health is. He is the archer who deals more damage but with less stamina. He can stun using his bow.

• Ghost Sentinel (76): He is the archer with the most attack but he is also the slowest hitter and has very little CON (hp and CP)
• Dark Mystic: This Dark Elf wears low defense clothing and possesses basic offensive, defensive, and recovery magic. He can advance his profession by choosing between:

• Dark Wizard(20): Dark Wizards have great power in their spells, but they take a long time to perform them. He can advance his profession by choosing between:

• SpellHowler(40): Mystical Dark Elf specialist in attacks with the element of air, and the one with the most powerful attacks. However, he takes longer to cast spells, and depletes his mana quickly.

• Storm Screamer (76): The dark elf has achieved the greatest mastery of the air element, thus demonstrating it with his final ability, the cyclone.

• Phantom Summoner (40): This Dark Elf summons cubes and creatures from the underworld to attack his enemies. He is able to cause the summoning of an enemy to betray his master.

• Spectral Master (76): The spectral master has mastered the summoning arts without problems, summons the most powerful creature of the underworld, the spectral lord.

• Shillien Oracle(20): Priest of Shilen, the Goddess of the Dark Elves, develops support and recovery magic. He can advance to:

• Shillien Elder(40): This Dark Elf is capable of increasing physical and spiritual characteristics. His role is more supportive than offensive or recovery. He can pin his enemies to the ground, thus impeding his movement. She is capable of hurting her enemies' mana and sending enemy summons to another dimension.

• Shillien's Saint(76): Through much meditation, the Shilien Elder advances to his maximum power, being able to improve resistance to elemental attacks, devastating and blocking defensive auras and being able to improve with the Prophecy of Wind (Prophecy of the wind), the which is the only Profecy, which does not lower any status. After much study, the Saint can learn to entangle enemies closest to it to the ground while progressively lowering their Hp.


The race of Orc is the race of fire. They occupied large regions, until losing in the war against humans and elves. They are currently living in an arctic area in the north of the continent.
Their special ability is that they have a strong resistance to disease and are practically immune to poison. Its basic characteristic is that orcs have great physical strength. They also regenerate quickly, however they are slow and have lower attack speed and lower casting speed. It also has a lower aim and evasion

• Orc Fighter: All Orcs from their youth are trained to be fighters. They receive special training in handling the double sword. His style of play is similar to the other fighters but taking into account his low dexterity. Due to his physical strength and recovery speed, this is a good character for the beginning player.

• Orc Raider(20): Raiders are fighters who have honed their skills in War. They are the main fighting force of the Orcs. Their playstyle is similar to Warriors, however, compared to Warriors, Orcs use more techniques than their physical strength.

• Destroyer(40): This orc is a developed version of the Raider, The Destroyer is an expert fighter who is always vigilant at the forefront of the battlefield. He uses whirlwinds to sweep away nearby enemies, and his relentless Thirst to Fight fears his enemies into defeat. The Destroyer's Aura causes their opponents to flee in fear and dismay.

• Titan(76): Wielding heavy swords or axes, these mighty orc warriors are best at advanced attacks which they use to trample their enemies mercilessly.

• Monk(20): The cult of the Religious order of Paagrio is the religion of the Orcs. Among the orcs, the elders select those who want to improve their physical strength more than their techniques with weapons. These orcs are trained as Monk. The Monks who agree to go on the path to power and pact with the Fire do not use weapons but learn to use the techniques of "Tangsu" to perfect their physical strength. Monks are characterized by their quick attacks with their hands. They can also a technique that allows them to gather magical forces and fire it at their enemies to weaken and deal damage to the opponent. When alone, Monks use tattoos to only use light armor and equipment to attack with their fists to deal damage while evading enemy attacks. When in groups, they are useful for dealing devastating damage.

• Tyrant (40): The Tyrant uses weapons that aid him in his personal "tangsu." He is the top student at the Temple of Power and Fire. The Tyrant is famous for using techniques such as "Power Rocket", which blasts energy and attacks multiple enemies; "Flame Claws", which launches strong fists of fire; and "Fists of Doom", which deals extreme damage to the opponent while consuming great physical strength.

• Grand Khavatari (76): It is said that the greatest priests of the Monastery of Fire possess enough strength to face the "Titans". These Master Tyrants possess abilities previously seen in "Titans", achieving actual physical feats. Dedicated fighters who have earned the title of "Grand Khavatari", the warrior with the "fifth essence", these "Tangsu" practitioners prefer tattoos over cumbersome armor in combat.

• Orc Mystic: The Orc Mystic are sent to the temple of fire and power from an early age where they learn the magic of the Orcs, in addition to receiving basic fighting training since their race is predisposed to fight, due to their physical strength .

• Orc Shaman(20): An Orc Mystic who has been blessed by the God of Fire can follow the pact to become a Shaman. mystics can bless his abilities in combat. They can cast curses to deal damage to enemy forces. There are things that serve to scare you to face as a military unit with a Shaman on your side. They can also cast magical curses on enemies in combat and have some preference in physical combat.

• Overlord(40): The Overlord is a Shaman who is a candidate to be leader of the Tribe. The Overlord leads the orc race through "Seal of Winter", which reduces the attack speed of surrounding enemies, and "Vision of Paagrio", which increases accuracy.

• Dominator(76): Dominators are orcs who have reached the maximum level in the power of tactics. Dominators are natural leaders and strategists. Being given the title of Dominator, which is given only to the most powerful Overlords. They lead proud warriors who can leap off the cliff without wavering a bit about their victory.

• Warcryer(40): The Warcryer is a Shaman who has received special training in Battle Songs, which is the best in the Orc Spell System. The Warcryer is an advantage in battle, thanks to its "Song of Fury", which increases attack speed; As well as the "Song of Evasion", which increases agility.

• Doomcryer(76): At the pinnacle of battle songs, special spells in the form of songs. Doomcryers are Warcryers perfectly fluent in battle songs that bring destruction to their enemies. With mere words, they heal forces with great magical powers, raise morale, and curse their enemies.


The dwarves are a race born from the earth, they possess great strength and physics and a curious nature that makes them create new objects.
After the destruction of the giants, the dwarf race always tried to ally themselves with the most powerful side, but the policy of deceit and treachery finally led the dwarves to remain isolated, losing the trust of the other races.
Their society can be compared to a large company rather than a culture, and they are recognized for their ability to sustain their businesses and their organization. The dwarves are divided into two large classes, Scavengers who are those who are responsible for finding and collecting raw materials and artisans, who manufacture products from raw materials.
As a special ability, the size of its inventory is greater than that of the other races and its weight penalty is less. The basic characteristic of the dwarves is that they possess great physical strength, it is the only rank that distinguishes them from the other races.
Dwarves' main ability is to obtain items from monsters, and item components to be sold or otherwise transformed. Due to their superior physical strength, they make excellent tanks when partying.

•Dwarven Fighter

• Artisan(20): Instead of going on adventures, this Dwarf prefers to stay at his job and create targets from the materials gathered by the Scavengers and Bounty Hunters. When they go into combat, they use summoning techniques to attack their enemy. Despite focusing on creating items, this class can summon machines made for battle. Artisans have good attack and defense techniques, and generally fight alongside their summoned machines.

• Warsmith (40): He is regularly welcomed by the kings of other territories, thanks to his unique ability to create Siege weapons. The Warsmith also frequently uses the whirlwind in battle, as they possess many Crafting-related abilities.

• Master(76): Master craftsmen possess an extraordinary technique that has earned them the title of Master. Even among the association of leaders and lords, calling someone Master is extremely rare. His resurrection was believed impossible by the vision of the ancient dwarven craftsmen, but recently a number of Warsmiths have returned to re-exhibit the unexplained abilities thought to be lost.

• Scavenger(20): In the dwarven manufacturing guild there are two types of profession. The Scavengers travel all over the world to collect materials. They also receive combat training so that they can deal with enemies.

• Bounty Hunter(40): This Dwarf is a Veteran who has the best gathering skill. He is even said to have gathered Dragon scales. He is adept at using the "whirlwind" in battle. He also possesses many other techniques related to business activities.

• Fortune Seeker(76): Fortune Seekers are the Bounty Hunters that have the best harvesting techniques. There is no reliable evidence, but it is said that Fortune Seekers were able to rip Hair from Valakas' Mustache. Although the legend of a large number of Fortune Seekers has been passed down unconfirmed, the recent return of a few traveling Bounty Hunters suggests that the Fortune Seekers will return.


type classes are generally the tanks of the parties. They can take high amounts of damage and hold the enemy's attention while characters of other classes deal damage and heal the Knight.


type classes are the monsters of the fight. They aren't tanky and can't deal as much damage as some Wizards or Rogues, but they can rush into combat causing confusion and disorder among enemies while dealing decent damage with a variety of weapons.


type classes are masters of shadows and daggers. They sneak up on their opponents and strike quickly, exploiting their weak points.


type classes are ferocious, dealing damage from a distance. Although they can survive very well on their own, later on they become invaluable to parties.


type classes deal magic damage. The nature of their magic is in their racial background, but Wizards excel at mastering the elements and can create devastation at will. They wear robes, magical weapons and accessories.


type classes employ pets and servitors to fight in battle while the summoner generally stands back and controls their partner with commands. They are great for soloing, but they also have spells that are beneficial for parties. They wear robes, magical weapons and accessories.


type classes support their stats with valuable buffs and offer a variety of other features like healing, damage, and debuffs. Regardless of their race, Enchanters are welcome at any party.


type classes are essential for any party. They keep party members alive by using healing spells. They wear robes, magical weapons and accessories. They also buff each other to improve their stats.


Here you can improve vitalize and purification, for this you need resources that are obtained through hunting, gathering and expeditions. These will improve your character stats.


This is one of the training branches
starts can be increased
stats like
physical damage magic damage, physical defense
aiming, evasion,
rise Of Critics,
attack speed,
speed of movement,
and speed in casting magic.
individually can be uploaded
5 levels
and once
that all
they reached the maximum they can
in this way
can continue to improve.
that all the statistics
are fixed values ​​and as
more level
reaches each
that value increases.


this is the second
the training
in it we can increase statistics such as increased damage to
pvp damage increase boss damage increase,
and also their defense.
Another stat that can be increased is
increased experience, skill point
falling objects
and the adena obtained from hunting.
It should be noted that all of them
In percentage.

Ancestral Power

The gods will give you their blessings if you fulfill their assigned tasks. They are required to level up.

the ancient power
It is specific to each character.
in this there are 9 branches
in which
they ask us
different requirements
for what
they can be promoted.
thus achieving
what our character
get better.
It's very important
upload all
They are necessary
level up.
each of them asks us for requirements
and individual achievements
what when fulfilling them
and having the required items
can be uploaded
of level


You will provide the gods with objects of your own in exchange for divine powers along the way of your adventure.

inside the codex
they find each other
4 degrees
and 4 object classes.
to complete a codex
they have to register
the objects
what is observed in the box. In case of
complete them
will increase the stat
what can be read on its left side.
each of the codes


These will accompany you by your side and will support you in your lineage adventures. there are a lot of them and 4 different grades

these divine beings accompany us
at all times
for it
what is required
is to learn them. these give us a great deal of their power.
we can select them
and choose
the one we want. within them exist
different degrees the Low
the mids
the highs
and the legends.
at first you can use only one
But as
you raise your ancient power
you can equip more at the same time.

Magic Stones

There are 6 types and 6 grades. Thanks to them you will have the help to improve your character.

there are 6 types
the fire ones
the wind ones
the water ones
dark and the divine.
is we increase percentage statistics.
as your degree increases
also increases the number of statistics
and their percentage.
In the first moment
one can be used
you raise your ancient power
you can use
up to 6

Boss Expedition

In a group of 9 you will test your skill and power in a small lair where you will face an infernal boss.

In a group of up to 9 people you can
face you
to a boss,
this is in his lair.
It's a very small place
where your skill
and your power will do
that with your group you can beat him.
to access it
you need a minimum
of power points
and a boss expedition ticket.
if you manage to complete it you will get individual rewards for each of the
group members.


In a group of 5 you will enter a dungeon where you will have to defeat a boss and his minions.

the expedition is achieved
winning a series
of monsters
in a large place where group mechanics are required
in which they have to
in a group of up to 5 people
complete it.
These are a bit more extensive.
requires an expedition ticket
the required power points.

Magic Scuare

For 30 minutes you will enter different rooms where the rewards are higher but the danger is too.

every time we enter it
we consume a ticket
and will allow us to stay for 30 minutes.
inside there is a special store
in which they can be obtained
weapons, armor and jewelry
to enter it is necessary
have the required power points. inside the magic square
we can travel
to different rooms
to get different resources.
all these rooms are pvp zone
except the main room.

Secret Isle

In 30 minutes you will be able to discover a mysterious floating island in which you will obtain unique materials risking your life.

to enter it
we consume a ticket
and will allow us to stay for 30 minutes. the requirement
is to have the power points
minimum to enter.
on this island
we will have 30 minutes
to be able to explore it.
and you can have resources to make weapons, armor and jewelry
in his special store.
It should be noted that it is a pvp area
So be careful.


It has the ability to upgrade your weapons,
armor, and jewelry with active and passive skills.
all are possible to use on objects of degree D C B A and S .

low grade lifestone rate 0%
mid grade lifestone rate 1%
high grade rate 5%
top grade 100%

This is the percentage chance
that you will touch an augment
with an active or passive skill on
a weapon, armor, belt or shirt.
This chance increases depending
on the grade of lifestone you use.
for jewels this percentage is
different and only low grade
lifestone can be used. in this
case the statistics that increase
are different.


It will be able to designate the hunting task automatically
according to your skill preferences and you will also be able to collect resources in the same way.


these challenges are necessary to complete the special event, here you can receive the rewards according to the week of the special event and if you completed them


Combining 4 items of the same grade you will have a chance to get one of a higher grade. This mode does not consume any extra resources and in case of not ascending, a unit of the same grade will remain.


Using these will improve your team. You will also improve according to the number of enchant the new stats both defense and attack

Enchant max:+8
Enchant rate : normal enchant
+1 100%
+2 100%
+3 100%
+4 50%
+5 40%
+6 30%
+7 20%
+8 10%
Blessed enchant: if successfull it Will increase between 1 and 4

each enchant gives extra bonus from new stats.

Map Progress

every 10% of progress of this adventure through the continent you will get excellent rewards

Market Gold

You will be able to exchange items for gold with the different users of the game. this is enabled at level 40 with the 2nd class change made

New Stats

there are new variables in the lineage universe, these are the increase and reduction of statistics such as damage to monsters, beaches, boss among others