Q2 - 2022

New World

In this first stage, the official game will be launched where you will be able to discover all the new universe that NFT lineage 2 offers us. It has an innumerable amount of content, where the main objective is to be the strongest and discover the path of this beautiful adventure.

Q3 - 2022

Siege Castle

In this second stage, together with your clan, you will be able to capture the castles and fortresses, obtaining passive income for conquering them. dominate the continent and become the legend of aden

Q2 - 2022

Revenge Of Gods

In this third stage you will be able to face the owners of terror, god kings of the underworld, baylor and beleth. You will have to choose a select group of the strongest warriors to face the journey on the way to their lairs. defeating them will make them the gods of the continent.