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You will become a true warrior if you manage to take your power to the maximum. Here you will put into play your intelligence, your skill in battle and teamwork to defeat everything that crosses your path

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There are 3 different branches that effectively support character growth and consequently economic gain simultaneously.

HUNTING: You will get the expertise and valuable crafting materials by defeating monsters.

GATHERING: You will be able to obtain divine energies, medicinal plants and precious steels that will allow you to improve your skills and make the best equipment for your character.

EXPEDITIONS: Here you will face the most powerful infra tomb demons where in exchange for not gaining experience you will be able to obtain the oldest and most precious currency in the game called ancient adena that will help you take your character to maximum power.

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First Coin Of Lineage 2

First world currency of the lineage universe with commercial success
You can exchange ancient adena for Ancient Coin and invest them your way from your wallet
You can also freely exchange items and characters with your cryptocurrencies and invest them

  • Chamber of treasures


  • Adena Chamber


  • Leader 1


  • Leader 2


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